Top Canva AI Alternatives

Exploring Alternatives to Canva AI: Discover New Options for

  • 1. Namelix

    Namelix is an AI-powered name generation tool that generates relevant brand names for a business idea. Users can filter by keyword, domain extension, and name length.


    Namelix Main features

    1. AI Name Generation
    2. Keyword-based Filtering
    3. Availability Checking
    4. Category Selection
  • 2. DALL-E

    DALL-E is a fantastic AI image generator that can be used to create realistic images in just a few minutes.


    DALL-E Main features

    1. Controlling attributes
    2. Drawing multiple objects
    3. Viewing perspective and three-dimensionality
  • 3. Gencraft

    Gencraft - The powerful art generation engine powered by artificial intelligence. Bring your ideas to life with stunning photos and videos.


    Gencraft Main features

    1. AI photo and video art generation
    2. Video generation
    3. Available across all devices - Web, iOS, Android
    4. Overcome writer's block
    5. Showcase your creative brand
    6. Use Styles for personalized results
    7. Quick artwork generation
    8. Supports various visual categories
  • 4. Visme

    Visme AI is an advanced design tool that simplifies the creation of presentations, infographics and other visual formats from textual content.


    Visme Main features

    1. Efficient Design
    2. Content Optimization
    3. Customization of Templates
    4. Time Savings
  • 5. Civitai

    Civitai is an AI image generator using Stable Diffusion and a community of artists through an online platform. It offers free access to over 1,700 models and emphasizes the collaboration of innovative AI art to create images.


    Civitai Main features

    1. Model Sharing Hub
    2. Large Collection of Models
    3. REST API
    4. Upload Your Own Models
  • 6. Adobe Firefly

    Adobe Firefly is a generative AI software that generates images and text for designers with an intuitive interface.

    Adobe Firefly

    Adobe Firefly Main features

    1. Text-to-Image
    2. Text Effects
    3. Vector Recoloring
    4. Generative Fill
  • 7. Lexica art

    Website for creating and exploring AI-generated art, with a vast database of Stable Diffusion images and texts, providing inspiration for art creation.

    Lexica art

    Lexica art Main features

    1. Sentiment Analysis
    2. Entity Extraction
    3. AI-Generated Art
    4. Wide Variety of Art
    5. User-Friendly Interface
    6. Inspiration and Creativity
    7. Social Media Sharing
  • 8. Microsoft Image Creator

    Create AI-generated images from any text with Microsoft Image Creator, bringing your imagination to life.

    Microsoft Image Creator

    Microsoft Image Creator Main features

    1. Generate Image Disney Pixar Artificial Intelligence
    2. AI-powered image generation
    3. Boost points system
    4. Integrated image search
    5. Error handling
    6. User-friendly interface
  • 9. Leonardo Ai

    Unleash your creativity with Leonardo.AI, the AI-powered platform for fast and stunning art generation.

    Leonardo Ai

    Leonardo Ai Main features

    1. Production-Quality Assets
    2. Art Generation
    3. User-Friendly Interface
    4. Rapid Ideation
    5. Image Generation AI
    6. AI Canvas
    7. 3D Texture Generation
    8. Wide Range of Applications
  • 10. Pixlr

    Pixlr: Free online photo editor, design tool and AI image generator. Edit photos, remove backgrounds and create stunning designs effortlessly.


    Pixlr Main features

    1. Free Online Photo Editing
    2. AI Image Generator
    3. Design Tools
    4. Templates Library
    5. Background Removal
    6. Collage Maker
    7. Filters & Effects
    8. Premium Features
  • 11. Creative Fabrica Spark

    CF Spark: Unleash your creativity with AI tools for art, writing, patterns, and more. Spark your imagination and create stunning works effortlessly.

    Creative Fabrica Spark

    Creative Fabrica Spark Main features

    1. CF Spark Art
    2. CF Spark Writer
    3. CF Spark Flow
    4. CF Spark Patterns
    5. CF Spark Crystalline
    6. CF Spark Coloring Pages
    7. CF Spark Sketch
    8. CF Spark ImageMix
  • 12. Runway ML

    "Runway - Advancing creativity with AI tools to generate videos, images, and more. Empowering artists and storytellers worldwide."

    Runway ML

    Runway ML Main features

    1. AI Magic Tools
    2. Text to Image
    3. Image to Image
    4. Infinite Image
    5. Frame Interpolation
    6. Custom AI Training
    7. Erase Things from Videos
    8. Slow Mo Any Video
  • 13. Playground AI

    Create stunning works of art and photorealistic images using Playground AI's Mixed Image Editing. Unlock your imagination with this powerful tool.

    Playground AI

    Playground AI Main features

    1. Mixed Image Editing
    2. Edit Images As You Imagine
    3. Grow Images Beyond Their Edges
    4. Fit Objects Into Any Scene
    5. Sketch Your Ideas Into Reality
    6. Piece Together Ideas
    7. Start creating today
    8. Create graphics like a pro
  • 14. Microsoft Designer for Web

    Microsoft Designer - Effortlessly create visually captivating designs

    Microsoft Designer for Web

    Microsoft Designer for Web Main features

    1. Intuitive Interface
    2. Variety of Templates
    3. Drag-and-Drop Functionality
    4. Collaboration Tools
    5. Integration with Cloud Services
    6. Customizable Design Elements
    7. Time-saving Features
    8. Export in Multiple Formats
  • 15. Clipdrop

    Need a scanner app? Meet ClipDrop. An ecosystem of apps and plugins for creators, powered by artificial intelligence where you can remove the background of an image online.


    Clipdrop Main features

    1. Generate high-resolution realistic images with AI
    2. Uncrop your photos to any image format
    3. Create multiple variants of an image with Stable Diffusion
    4. Transform your doodles into real images in seconds
    5. Remove objects, people, text, and defects from your pictures automatically
    6. Extract the main subject from a picture with incredible accuracy
    7. Relight your images with beautiful lights
    8. Upscale your images by 2x or 4x in seconds
  • 16. Befunky

    BeFunky: The all-in-one creative platform for photo editing, collage making, and graphic design.


    Befunky Main features

    1. Photo editing
    2. Artistic filters
    3. Batch editing
    4. Background removal
    5. Portrait retouching
    6. Collage maker
    7. Design templates
    8. Free stock images and icons
  • 17. Openart

    Discover, train, and create with OpenArt's AI image generators, boosting your creativity and productivity by 10x.


    Openart Main features

    1. Discover millions of AI-generated images
    2. Train your own AI image generators
    3. Create inspiring images with AI in seconds
    4. Edit images with AI effortlessly
    5. Artistic AI QR Code Generator
    6. Power of personalized AI models
    7. The New Muse for Artists
    8. Secret Weapon for Marketers
  • 18. Neural Love

    Get access to free AI image generation and enhancement tools at Enhance images, videos, and audio with AI technology. No installation or powerful computer required.

    Neural Love

    Neural Love Main features

    1. AI Image Generator
    2. AI Enhance
    3. Millions of Public Domain Images
    4. AI Art Generator
    5. AI Avatar
    6. Image Enhance
    7. Video Enhance
    8. Audio Enhance