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Updated At: 09/24/2023

Civitai is an AI image generator using Stable Diffusion and a community of artists through an online platform. It offers free access to over 1,700 models and emphasizes the collaboration of innovative AI art to create images.

Features Civitai

  • Model Sharing Hub

    Civitai provides a platform for AI artists to share their models and collaborate with each other. Users can upload their models, share them with the community, and receive feedback from other users.

  • Large Collection of Models

    Civitai has a collection of over 1,700 AI-generated art models from over 250 creators. Users can browse the collection using a search bar that allows searching by keyword, creator name, or model type.


    Civitai offers a REST API that allows developers to programmatically access the platform's functionalities.

  • Upload Your Own Models

    Civitai's model upload functionality allows users to upload their own custom AI-generated art models to the platform.

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