Terms of Use

Terms of Use: Agreement of Conditions for Using Our Services

Welcome to our website. Please read all the terms below carefully.

This document, and all content on the website, is offered by Hunts.ai, represented in this document only as "COMPANY," which regulates all rights and obligations with all who access the website, referred to in this document as "VISITOR," subject to all rights provided by law. The clauses below are a requirement for access and visitation of the site located at www.hunts.ai.

Remaining on the website automatically implies the reading and tacit acceptance of the following terms of use. This term was last updated on July 25, 2022.

Website Function

This website was created and developed with the purpose of bringing ease in creating internet content, selling physical and digital products, and promoting service provision. The COMPANY aims to provide knowledge to everyone through high-quality content developed by professionals in the field, as well as promote the dissemination of its own services.

On this platform, both the promotion of original high-quality content and the promotion of e-commerce products can be carried out.

All content on this site was developed seeking reliable sources and materials, and is based on serious and respected studies through high-level research.

All content is updated periodically, but may contain, in some articles, videos, or images, information that may not reflect the current truth. The COMPANY cannot be held responsible in any way or manner for any content that is not up-to-date.

It is the responsibility of the user to use all information on the site with critical thinking, using it only as a source of information, and always seeking experts in the field for the concrete resolution of their conflict.

Acceptance of Terms

This document, called "Terms of Use," applies to all visitors to the site, was developed by Diego Castro Advogado - OAB/PI 15.613, modified with permission for this site.

This term specifies and requires that every user accessing the COMPANY's site reads and understands all clauses of the same, as it establishes rights and obligations between the COMPANY and the VISITOR, expressly accepted by the VISITOR to remain navigating the COMPANY's site.

By continuing to access the site, the VISITOR expresses acceptance and understanding of all clauses, and fully agrees with each of them, and this acceptance is essential for remaining on the site. If the VISITOR disagrees with any clause or term of this agreement, they must immediately cease their navigation in all forms and ways.

This term may and will be updated periodically by the COMPANY, which reserves the right to make changes without any prior notice or communication. It is important for the VISITOR to always check if there has been any movement and what the last update was at the beginning of the page.


This term may contain some specific words that may not be of general knowledge. Among them:

  • VISITOR: Any user of the site, in any way or manner, accessing the website or platform of the company through a computer, notebook, tablet, cell phone, or any other means.
  • NAVIGATION: The act of visiting pages and content on the website or platform of the company.
  • COOKIES: Small text files automatically generated by the site and transmitted to the visitor's browser, which serve to improve the visitor's usability.
  • LOGIN: Visitor's access data when registering with the COMPANY, divided between username and password, which grants access to restricted functions of the site.
  • HYPERLINKS: Clickable links that may appear on the site or in the content, leading to another page of the COMPANY or an external site.
  • OFFLINE: When the site or platform is unavailable and cannot be accessed externally by any user.

In case of doubts about any word used in this term, the VISITOR should contact the COMPANY through the communication channels found on the site.

Access to the Site

The Site and platform normally operate 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, but small temporary interruptions may occur for adjustments, maintenance, server changes, technical failures, or by order of force majeure, which may render the site temporarily unavailable.

The COMPANY is not responsible for any missed opportunities or damages that this temporary unavailability may cause to users.

In case of maintenance that requires a longer time, the COMPANY will inform customers in advance about the need and expected time the site or platform will be offline.

Access to the site is only permitted for individuals over 18 years of age or who have full legal capacity. For access by minors, express authorization from parents or guardians is required, and they will be responsible for any purchases or access made by the minor.

If it is necessary to register with the platform, where the VISITOR must fill out a form with their data and information to access a restricted area or make a purchase, all data is protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Law, and by registering on the site, the VISITOR fully agrees with the data collection in accordance with the Law and the COMPANY's Privacy Policy.

License to Use and Copy

The visitor may access all content on the website, such as articles, videos, images, products, and services, without any type of transfer of rights or permission for use or copying of the same.

All rights are preserved, according to Brazilian law, mainly in the Copyright Law (regulated by Law No. 9.610/18), as well as in the Brazilian Civil Code (regulated by Law No. 10.406/02), or any other applicable laws.

All content on the site is protected by copyright, and its use, copying, transmission, sale, assignment, or resale must comply with Brazilian law. The COMPANY reserves all its rights and does not allow copying or use in any form or manner without express written authorization.

In specific cases, the COMPANY may allow exceptions to this right, which will be clearly highlighted in the content, with the form and permission for use of the protected content. This right is revocable and limited to the specifications of each case.


The VISITOR, when using the COMPANY's website, fully agrees:

  • Not to take any action in any way or manner that may attempt to invade, hack, destroy, or harm the structure of the site, COMPANY's platform, or its business partners. This includes, but is not limited to, sending computer viruses, DDoS attacks, unauthorized access due to its flaws, or any other form or means.
  • Not to engage in improper disclosure in the site's comments, such as spam content, content from competing companies, viruses, content without copyright, or any others that are not pertinent to the discussion of that text, video, or image.
  • Not to reproduce any content on the site or platform without express authorization, and may be held civilly and criminally liable for the same.
  • To comply with the Privacy Policy of the site, as it treats data related to registration and site visitation, and may at any time and in any form, request the deletion of this data through the contact form.

Monetization and Advertising

The COMPANY may rent or sell advertising spaces on the platform or website, directly to advertisers or through specialized companies like Adsense (Google), Taboola, or other specialized platforms like EletroCriticas.com.

These advertisements do not imply any form of endorsement or responsibility by the COMPANY, and the VISITOR is responsible for purchases, visits, access, or any actions related to these companies.

All advertisements on the site or platform will be clearly marked as advertising, as a disclaimer by the COMPANY and as a VISITOR's knowledge.

In cases of product or service purchases, returns will be possible within 07 (seven) days, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code.

These ads may be automatically selected by the advertising company, based on recent VISITOR visits, as well as on their search history, according to the access policies of the platform.

General Terms

The Site will present hyperlinks throughout its navigation, which may directly lead to another page of the COMPANY or to external sites.

Although the COMPANY only links to highly trusted external sites, if the user accesses an external site, the COMPANY has no responsibility in this regard, as it is merely an indication for supplementary content, and the user is responsible for access and any actions taken on that site.

In case of eventual legal disputes between the VISITOR and the COMPANY, the chosen court for the action will be that of the COMPANY's jurisdiction, even if there is another more privileged court.

This Terms of Use is valid from July 25, 2022.