Adobe Firefly

Create and Edit Images using Artificial Intelligence!

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Adobe Firefly

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Updated At: 07/27/2023

Adobe Firefly is a generative AI software that generates images and text for designers with an intuitive interface.

Features Adobe Firefly

  • Text-to-Image

    With Firefly, designers can generate images based on text input. This feature allows designers to quickly create visual representations of their ideas and concepts.

  • Text Effects

    Firefly offers a variety of text effects that designers can use to create engaging designs. These effects include 3D text, neon text, and more.

  • Vector Recoloring

    Firefly allows designers to easily change the color of vector graphics. This feature is useful for creating variations of a design without having to recreate it from scratch.

  • Generative Fill

    The generative fill feature of Firefly allows designers to remove areas of the background in an image and replace it with a new background using text prompts. This feature is useful for quickly and easily creating complex designs.

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