Create Images with the ClipDrop Scanner App


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Updated At: 09/28/2023

Need a scanner app? Meet ClipDrop. An ecosystem of apps and plugins for creators, powered by artificial intelligence where you can remove the background of an image online.

Features Clipdrop

  • Generate high-resolution realistic images with AI

    Create stunning and lifelike images with AI that are suitable for various purposes.

  • Uncrop your photos to any image format

    Easily resize and adjust your images to fit any format or aspect ratio.

  • Create multiple variants of an image with Stable Diffusion

    Effortlessly generate different versions of an image using Stable Diffusion AI technology.

  • Transform your doodles into real images in seconds

    Convert your doodles and sketches into actual images with just a few clicks.

  • Remove objects, people, text, and defects from your pictures automatically

    Automatically eliminate unwanted elements and imperfections from your photos with ease.

  • Extract the main subject from a picture with incredible accuracy

    Precisely isolate the main subject in an image with exceptional accuracy and precision.

  • Relight your images with beautiful lights

    Enhance and optimize the lighting in your images to create stunning visual effects.

  • Upscale your images by 2x or 4x in seconds

    Increase the resolution and details of your images by upscaling them with AI technology.

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