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Updated At: 08/03/2023

Wonsulting - Career Coaching for your dream job. Land interviews, perfect your resume, and excel in your job search.

Features WonsultingAI

  • Career Consulting

    Comprehensive career advice that suits your professional journey. Users get valuable insights and guidance to target suitable roles.

  • Resume Revision

    Experts help to refine your resume, putting forward your skills and experiences in the most effective way for potential employers.

  • LinkedIn Profile Revision

    Professional creators help polish your LinkedIn profile. This can enhance your online presence and make you stand out to recruiters.

  • Job Search Strategy

    We provide targeted strategies for your job search, personalized according to your industry and career goals.

  • Auto Apply for Jobs

    An automated application feature for job seekers ensuring you never miss any job opportunity, saving time.

  • Interview Prep

    We provide effective strategies and training to improve your confidence and performance in job interviews.

  • Cover Letter Revision

    Our experts help to craft an impactful cover letter, highlighting your accomplishments and suitability for the job.

  • WonsultingAI

    A smart AI tool that aids in creating resumes, generating cover letters and managing online networking, making job search efficient.

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